On Camera Workshops

The philosophy at the Alaska Actors Network is "you are your own best teacher."  We offer actors an affordable opportunity to explore their range without the consequences of failed performances or lost auditions.  At every workshop, every participant has time in front of the camera and an opportunity to watch their footage and receive feedback.  After the workshop, participants receive a private link to their footage for further review or to include in their portfolio.


Within Anchorage, the standard workshop price is $20 per person.  Workshops with guest directors are typically $30 per person.

Outside the Anchorage area, the standard workshop price is $30 per person, $45 with a guest director.

Don't see an upcoming workshop in your area?  Gather your friends and contact us!  We only need 10 participants and a large room to hold a workshop anywhere within a 4 hour drive from Anchorage.

Previous OCW Workshops

OCW #1 - Comedic 2 Person Scenes

OCW #2 - Dramatic 2 Person Scenes

OCW #3 - Auditioning for Film and TV with guest director D.K. Johnston